Il Vagabondo


Il Vagabondo

Il Vagabondo is a cultural association founded in 2000 to promote responsible tourism in Southern Italy. Today it has three member communities in Naples, Matera, and Altamura. In the past, they had branches in Salento, Eastern Sicily, and Irpinia.

Il Vagabondo was selected among the Project Leaders of the cultural program of Matera European Capital of Culture for 2019. The company works to promote the enhancement of places and their narration and to spread the principles of sustainable tourism. 

Il Vagabondo mainly focuses on: 

  • Cultural projects related to travel and creative storytelling

  • Services for institutions and companies on the themes of responsible and sustainable tourism and territorial marketing

  • Organizing the Festivalnstories and designing Urban Games and LARP

Under the MED GAIMS project they have developed an urban game around the city center of Alghero.