The game is a 1st person VR immersive experience where the players are holoported inside the virtual environment and have various tasks to accomplish to achieve their goal. The goal of the game is to find the 3 pieces of a ‘map’ that contains the final clue for the last room. To obtain 3 pieces, the players will have to interact with several objects (torches, keys, boxes, stones, etc), solve enigmas and cooperate.

The users will feel fully immersed in the scenario of the VR reconstruction and especially the holoportation technology; the users will indeed be able to see themselves inside the game.

This is a case under the Agency of Secrets storytelling umbrella.

  • Digital Game

    They will have to be in an adventurous mindset as they will have to solve several enigmas to complete all the tasks.

  • Developed by: i2CAT Foundation

  • Available in: Vilanova i la Geltrú

    Museu Víctor Balaguer - Casa Papiol - Vilanova’s tunnels

  • Spain

  • Targeted players:

    Age +10

Games Requirements

The player will use the oculus controllers to interact with the 3D environment and interface. The users will be able to interact in ways such as:

  • Move physical objects

  • Manipulate the state of static objects

  • Teleport themselves to a place in the scenario

  • Press buttons

  • Open doors

  • Cut/Burn ropes or other flammable objects

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