TripnTap is an innovative analog game representing the Mseilha Castle from a top view and its surroundings. Following an interactive storyline genre, the game is based on the murder of the Lebanese governor during dinner time at the Mseilha Castle. Focusing on the storyline will facilitate exposure to the Mseilha Castle with all its history, culture, and current state.  The board design represents the current layout of Msailha castle, and the game elements include historic characters and weapons.

  • Analog Game

  • Developed by: TripnTap

  • Available in: Mseilha Castle

  • Lebanon

Games Requirements

  • Targeted players:

    All ages

  • On-site presence

    Board game where the board represents the layout of Msailha castle, with historic characters and weapons, linked to a hiking tour/app of the surrounding area which is known for hiking.

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