Surge et Ambula

Surge et Ambula

In 1886, an Egyptian exhibition arrived at the Museum Víctor Balaguer. During the opening night, Angela Roure disappeared. The goal of the game consists of following the steps of Angela Roure and finding out what happened to her. This is a case under the Agency of Secrets storytelling umbrella. 

The Agency has recovered Angela Roure’s diary and gives it to the agents (players) so they can find her trace. The game is a tour in the museum discovering the masonry meaning of the building, information about the rooms and its content; mixed with storytelling set in the last century, and a secret society that used to meet in the museum. In the end, the players learn about the building, the history of the main characters, the content of the museum, and the history of the Agency of Secrets.

  • Analog Game

  • Developed by: Neapolis

  • Available in: Vilanova i la Geltrú

    Museu Víctor Balaguer

  • Spain

Games Requirements

  • Targeted players:


  • Printed Material

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