Save the Treasure

Save the Treasure

Save the Treasure is an Augmented-Reality game based on historical events that take place on-site in the Sidon Sea Castle, Lebanon. You are a Knight Templar who is tasked with gathering the pieces of a treasure scattered all around the castle. Using your smartphone, and following audio tips and instructions, you have to explore the castle to find and gather these items in preparation to board a ship to flee to Cyprus. This is done using the smartphone’s GPS and camera running in the browser, so any tourist with a smartphone and an Internet connection that can go up old stairs can play. The game is won when all items are collected and brought to the ship waiting in the sea. The game is explicitly designed to be easy to understand and follow. It is understood that tourists have limited time to spend in each touristic location and they cannot be bothered to understand complicated instructions after long days of travel.

The game can be simply described as a treasure hunt that takes place in a virtual imaginary space. Treasure hunts have proven entertainment value and are widely understood by the general public. Anyone who hears the words “treasure hunt” can quickly decide if that is something they would find fun to play or not; making it easier to attract potential tourists to the site..

  • Digital Game

  • Developed by Samir Shaker

  • Available in: Sidon Sea Castle

  • Lebanon

Games Requirements

  • Targeted players:

    Casual gamers, adventure seekers, and new experience explorers.

  • Android Phone

    With ARCore support

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