Save the Castle

Save the Castle

This is a phygital game in which the visitors reenact a historical battle at Saida Sea Castle. Visitors will play the role of defenders from attacking ships. The ships are displayed on a screen embedded in an Arcade-like cabinet. The ships appear randomly and sail toward the castle while shooting projectiles at it. The main element of the game is a trebuchet built physically to scale. Players can move the trebuchet left and right to aim at the ships on the screen. Then by pressing a button they can visualize on the screen the projectile. The objective would be to adjust the war machine to hit virtual ships attacking the castle as fast as possible.

  • Phygital Game

  • Available in: Saida Sea Castle

  • Lebanon

Games Requirements

On site presence.

Developed by

Project Managers & Game Concept: Imad Elhajj & Elie Shammas.

Game Development: Karim Dahrouge, Layal Faqih, Carl Salame.

Mechanical Design: Marc Rahi & Karl Zard.

Mechatronics: Malek Itani & Alaa Abboud.

Consultant: Samir Shaker.

Graphic Design: Gara Khachadour & Karim Kobeissi.

Historical Content and Story Line: Patricia Antaki-Masson.

DGA Representatives: Myriam Ziade & Youssef Khalife.le.

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