Road to Heaven

Road to Heaven

Road to heaven (R2H) is an open-world action-adventure stealth video game. The game depicts the history of a long era of conflict between people from the east (Arabs) and Crusaders. This conflict is visualized through the struggle between those who fight for peace and free will, and those who pretend to seek peace through order and control. The main target is to introduce the player to the history of the castle during that era and depict some of the conflicts using real stories with a bit of fiction to introduce an entertaining learning element. The player will be introduced to the game and the storyline using the main character of the game – Amjad. Amjad was sent by Commander Saladin to his nephew lord Izz al-Din Osama, as a messenger to falsify some of the rumors and the traps that were led by the templars claiming that the king is involved in breaking the truce. During that time, Izz al-Din Osama was preparing an attack against the castle in Kerak which was under the Crusader’s control.

  • Digital Game

  • Developed by JUST

  • Available in: Ajloun

  • Jordan

Games Requirements

The digital game displays the different parts of the castle as well as its surrounding areas. The player will be able to wander the interior and exterior parts of the castle and try to find different artifacts that can only be accessed when visiting the site. The artifacts collected will then be placed in specific positions that replicate the place where they would be located during that period. The player will also learn about some of the main historical events in that area during that era.

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