Playful Itinerary

A crowd-sourced playful itinerary where multiple spots in/out/around the city of Alghero become hubs of fun and enjoyment. The games are playful experiences that exclude winning or losing conditions. Anyone can join the itinerary and have fun and enjoyment in the different spots located around the cultural sites in Alghero. The games incorporate mental and physical exercises; creating a new way to explore the city and interact with the cultural heritage. The Playful Itinerary is a technology-free project; all the games are based on recycled and eco-friendly materials (wood, perform TCG, chalks). The games will be freely available 24/7 in selected spots in Alghero.

  • Analog Game

  • Developed by Fondazione Alghero

  • Available in: Alghero

    All tourist destination

  • Italy

Games Requirements

  • Targeted players:

    Locals and visitors, no age limits.

  • The game box

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