Play & Tour: Mseilha Castle

Play & Tour: Mseilha Castle

Play & Tour is a digital game that will make tourists/players explore Msaylha Castle by providing them with a map of the area on their phone, in which they can see multiple markers representing the locations of mini-games (also played on phone). These mini-games will be placed at places of interest in the site and are related to historic activities such as dodging obstacles with a messenger pigeon, targeting enemies with arrows etc.

Visitors will explore the castle, to discover mini-games that would simulate activities that were historically performed in the area. The main elements are the QR codes that are scattered throughout the castle, players will explore the castle and unlock mini-games in the process that will enhance their experience by adding engagement, some historical context, and an objective to complete in finding and finishing all the mini-games.

  • Digital Game

  • Developed by: Groovy Antoid

  • Available in: Mseilha Castle

  • Lebanon

Games Requirements

  • Targeted players:

    All ages

  • Smartphone / on-site presence

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