Murder in Alguer

Murder in Alguer

What happened to Sophia? Murder in Alguer is an augmented reality digital game to be played on mobile or tablet in which the player will take the role of a detective and have to retrace the places she has been in order to discover what has caused her mysterious disappearance.

The player’s phone acts as a magical artefact that allows him to investigate the past. When the player visits the locations identified in the game, his phone will alert him that some sort of trace is present in his surroundings. The phone will then show some fuzzy, blurred images that will suggest, without directly stating, which nearby object contains the memory being searched for.

The player will have to search the surrounding area and scan each suspicious object using the phone’s camera. Once the trace is identified, a memory will be activated with another character, which will move and speak out the actions that took place at earlier time.


  • Digital Game

  • Developed by:


  • Available in:

    Historic centre and natural reserve and park area

  • Italy

Games Requirements

  • Targeted players:

    Young adults + 14

  • Mobile app with ArCore system