Med Gaims Game Development Framework

MED GAIMS Game Development Framework: 

A Comprehensive Report Describing the Introduction of Gamification in Tourism Destinations in Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, and Spain 

The MED GAIMS project was implemented between 2019-2022, with financial support from the ENI CBC MED programme, and aims to capitalize on the trend of experiential tourism by demonstrating the use of gamification techniques for experience creation in the tourism sector. The project developed a number of pilot initiatives (games and gamified experiences at tourism sites) in 4 Mediterranean countries to raise awareness, demonstrate, promote, and build capacity for the multiplication of such initiatives. The present report aims to support these goals by presenting the steps undertaken by MED GAIMS project partners in the choice of tourism destinations and sites to be enhanced and valorized. The report will further illustrate the decision-making process in choosing types of games developed by project partners internally and those developed externally through the award of subgrants . It will consider how these can be linked to countries’ tourism development strategies and illustrate how and which type of local stakeholders, both public and private, have been informed and involved in the awareness-raising actions in this first project phase.

The final result of this path is the Game Development Framework: the set of choices and considerations, the methodology used, and challenges that MED GAIMS partners have faced in the preliminary phase of game development. The GDF is part of a larger set of resources issued by the project – the gamification toolkit – which aims to support multiplication of these types of initiatives, for external stakeholders to use as a case study and methodology guide. .