A Day in the Life of Shoujaa

A Day in the Life of Shoujaa

A Day in the Life of Shoujaa is a mobile game that is best played on site. The game requires the players to listen through earphones to Shoujaa who will be their touristic guide. Shoujaa will guide them through the whole Mseilha area and take them to the QR codes that will be installed physically onsite.

The game is a digital and immersive experience that uses a pedometer (tracing steps and location of the visitor in the site) with 3D sound and storyline that takes these tourists back to the relevant timeframes of the site, playing digital minigames in relevant locations in and around the castle, such as harvesting, sword forging etc


  • Digital Game

  • Developed by: Yayy

  • Available in: Mseilha Castle

  • Lebanon

Games Requirements

  • Targeted players:

    All ages

  • Smartphone / on-site presence

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