GameBCN is the incubation program in Barcelona helping video games studios professionalize their production pipeline and maximize their business opportunities. GameBCN program is divided into two different modules: production and business, lasting three months each one and they will take place consecutively. The first module will focus on production and its goal is to make teams realize the importance of implementing agile methodologies to improve project management, planning, and performance. The second module will focus on marketing and business and its goal is to instill business mentality in teams, teaching them how to market their games, how to pitch, and how to incorporate. At the beginning of the program, production milestones are agreed upon with each team. Only teams achieving production goals will access the business incubation module. External teams demonstrating extensive experience in production with a game in an advanced stage of development and identified market potential may be accepted to join the incubation program in its second module (marketing and business). At the end of the incubation program (6 months) teams will pitch their games in front of our publishers and investors network.