Gadara Unravel the Mystery

Gadara Unravel the Mystery

This is a story-based game in which the player is an explorer who takes a journey in-person to discover various artifacts and uncover details about the culture in Gadara. The site will have many sensors that are planted next to the selected artifacts. As soon as the player approaches the artifact, the sensor will recognize their place and send a trigger stating that you can get some info here if you want. Some might be a complementary story, and some might be part of the key to solving the puzzle. Players will read a lot about the Gadara civilization, from its geographical details to its historical significance, and everything in between. Along the way, the game quizzes players about what they have read, and the players must correctly answer the questions to be able to continue. Moreover, the game might be hiding one of the artifacts in a certain place (virtually) and requires the player to solve the puzzles around that to reveal the hidden item.

  • Digital Game

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  • Available in: Umm Qais

  • Jordan

Games Requirements

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  • Smart, devices, Augmented reality

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