Not Just a Story

Not Just a Story

As a new game offering diversified minigames with different levels and targets to introduce the civilizations created in Gadara. It will offer a sustainable touristic product even during off-season periods, to increase the attractiveness of the site and introduce it as a region with desirable sightseeing compared to other well-known sites by tourists in the region, and so increase demand. Point-and-click adventure game in which the player follows the story of some Roman soldiers who take on a quest of figuring out what has happened to this place in the Roman Theatre era. Along the way, the player will need to explore various locations in the selected spot, throughout history, solve puzzles, and put together all the pieces of the story to reach the end. The game is loaded with factual historical content, along with positive messages and insights that players can take with them into the real world. Some of the questions will be Arabic. The game will change depending on the character that the player chooses at the beginning. At the beginning the player has a choice between two characters. The first character Roman (this makes the puzzles about photos and puzzles from that era). The second character is from the Ottoman era, and this will also bring up puzzles from that era. The player will examine a map of Umm Qais and will start moving from one place (that represents a puzzle) to the next. He cannot bypass a place until the puzzle preceding it is solved.

  • Digital Game

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  • Available in: Umm Qais

  • Jordan

Games Requirements

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  • PC, Smart devices, solve puzzle

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