Time Machine

Time Machine

The game uses VR to design a gamification experience for the tourist visiting the Fidar tower. The introduction and the game onboarding are in the form of a video that narrates the history of the tower via an animation sequence. The VR experience also allows the tourist to play 4 mini-games. Two games are based on entertainment which people used to do during the era when the Fidar tower was constructed. The first mini-game is called Skittles, an older version of bowling where a dumbbell roller is used instead of a bowling ball. The second mini-game is Three Men’s Morris which is an older version of the X-O game. Two other games are designed to allow the tourist to relive the guard tower experience. The first game allows the player to light the torch on the roof while avoiding a volley of the attackers’ arrows. In the second game, the tourist must use a bow and arrow to shoot attackers via arrow slits from within the tower. All these games are set up in a specially designed VR environment and the tourists play them using an Oculus Quest console at the Fidar tower.

  • Digital Game

  • Developed by:

    Elie Shammas / Samir Shaker

  • Available in: Fidar tower

  • Lebanon

Games Requirements

The player will use the Oculus controllers to interact with the 3D environment and interface.

  • Targeted players:

    Families, all ages

  • VR headset – Oculus quest

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