Digital Playground

Digital Playground

Digital Playground is an interactive phygital exhibit set in the Towers of Alghero where a player’s physical drawings become part of the digital environment projected on a video wall. The digital video-mapped environment has players’ physical actions impact the system. The phygital experience is based on a user’s act of drawing, in which the 2D objects are drawn are then projected in real-time on the digital surface; co-creating a 3D reconstruction of the sea and history of Alghero. Players can even touch the video-mapped walls and alter the environment. The experience creates a procedural artwork made by players.

  • Digital Game

  • Developed by Fondazione Alghero

  • Available in: Alghero

    Torre San Giovanni – Ancient Fortification

  • Italy

Games Requirements

  • Smart phone

  • Targeted players:

    Locals and visitors, no age limits.

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