CollezionAlghero is a phygital experience where physical “traditional” stickers album is combined with augmented reality and GPS-based mobile app. The player has to collect, physically and digitally, the stickers and complete the album and read notes and solve mini-games. The album experiences are based on the progression and completion dynamic. Players have to collect all the stickers visiting and checking-in specific places set in Alghero. Special augmented reality stickers will give to players additional insights into Alghero’s history and culture. The album is split across several ages (prehistoric, Roman, medieval, renaissance, modern…) each one composed of stickers based on relevant artworks, characters, places of that age. The album story is based on the monumental “doors” of the main cultural sites in the area. Doriana is a young tourist on holiday in Alghero. During her stay, she meets an old intellectual from Alghero who gives her a key, telling her that thanks to it she would be able to visit the city in a very special way… and so Doriana, with the key in her hand, opens the first door and… her journey through time begins…

  • Phygital Game

    (Analog + Digital game)

  • Developed by Fondazione Alghero

  • Available in:

    Archeological Museum – Coral Museum – Archeological Sites – Urban Fortification

  • Italy

Games Requirements

  • Mobile app with ArCore system

  • Targeted players:

    International audience of all ages

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