Break into the Castle

Break into the Castle

This game depends mainly on a good analysis of the symbols related to the history of Ajloun castle and its features. Players need to decipher the codes of each station and overcome different obstacle to reach the command center, playing the game employs physical effort, teamwork, time management and overcoming challenges.

The Break into the Castle offers an exceptional visit and a kind of excitement through a game to explore Ajloun castle. This game is a solution to the problem of visiting the castle without scientifically enriching the historical dimension. What distinguishes the idea is the untraditional visit, which will attract people’s attention to Ajloun, thus creating more tourism at both the local and foreign levels. Ultimately, aiming at tourism development and economic and societal improvement for the residents of the city of Ajloun.

Ranger developed interactive games between the visitors of Ajloun castle and different companies and institutions to compete in the game of exploring the castle and simulating its siege and storming and reaching the top of the castle to achieve victory for the winning team after it passes the dilemmas and decipher the codes and symbols of the game. Each team is made up of 7-10 players dressed in the historical costumes of the historical era. Ranger will seek to enrich the experience of the tourist in Ajloun, whether local or international, and activate community participation.

  • Analog Game

  • Developed by:


  • Available in: Ajloun Castle

  • Jordan

Games Requirements

  • Targeted players:

    18+ age

  • Requirements:

    Codes, maps, team leader, special clothes. Two teams of 4 person each.

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