Angelica e il Re degli Algiroidi

Angelica e il Re degli Algiroidi

Angelica and the Algyroides’ King is a graphic adventure with fantasy tones that includes an augmented reality treasure hunt. The player will have to find magical animals hidden in the city of Alghero, and they will guide the player through a mysterious and intriguing story. The application aims to enhance the historic center, the seafront promenade, and other important points of interest of the surrounding area. 

The game is also about the local fauna, in particular about the small reptiles and amphibians protagonists of the game: algyroides and their friends, newts and lizards.

  • Digital Game

  • Developed by:

    Elisa Meloni and Alexandro Simone Meloni – subgrants recipients under MED GAIMS project

  • Available in:

    Archeological Museum – Coral Museum – Archeological Sites – Urban Fortification

  • Italy

Games Requirements

  • Mobile application with ArCore system

  • Targeted players:

    Children + 9 , families visiting Alghero

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