War Against Crusaders

War Against Crusaders

The first section of the game is built on an itinerary with a unique style of interaction that has been redeveloped for use by players. The tour includes all Ajloun’s major cultural sites, including the castle, surrounding environs, and Mar Elias. The itinerary is built on a paper-based computer platform that includes an activity recorder, a digital paper, and a pre-installed program; however, it will require the player to visit the locations and sites to play the game. Each player can check out a digital recorder of the itinerary map and visit the destinations on the map in any order they want, thanks to a pre-designed treasure map (where they visit the locations and bring proofs of visit).

The second section is analogue and can be played at the location. It is a specific playground area near the castle that will be visited as the last stop on our trip. There are two armies in the game. Each army might be made up of a single individual or a group of people who completed part 1 of the schedule. Soldiers and siege weapons are included in each army (catapults and ballista).

The used recorder can mix your writing and audio together to relive that moment of inspiration, using just your pen. Save time, the pen makes your handwriting searchable giving you more time to brew another cup. Everything included in the map design, items, and concepts for creating Ajloun castle, which will be made from the final material, as well as a sample army for the gameplay (scaled-down – small-sized army team), and siege weaponry.


  • Hybrid Game

  • Developed by:

    Abeer Abu Haija

  • Available in: Ajloun Castle

  • Jordan

Games Requirements

  • Targeted players:

    15+ age

  • Requirements:

    Teams, Space of 12m², Digital pens, physical parts

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